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Arivuchudar School, Thanjavur

Arivuchudar Activities


We offer Abacus training for our school kids. It is one of the most important calculating devices invented for the calculation purposes. Learning Abacus Boosts better and faster calculation skills,Increases endurance for stress and pressure,Improves problem-solving abilities,Teaches clearer logical reasoning,Sharpens concentration and observance.

Arts and crafts are being used as teaching tools in our classrooms not only because they bring out multiple talents in the children also because they make learning a fun-filled and exciting process. Teachers find that when they use art to teach various core subjects, the process gets a lot easier and more effective. It also improves the innovative skills of our students.

Art & Craft


We give more importance in developing communication skill of our school students since globally English has become a vehicle for communicating scientific and technological information. Spoken English has achieved paramount importance today. English language has dominated all walks of life for more than two hundred years. so our  ultimate goal of English language teaching is to develop the four skills namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing because English language today is a powerful unifying factor in our national and international life.

Additionally our school teaches Hindi language and also trains them to appear in Hindi exams conduced by Hindi Prachar Sabha. We have Hindi teachers to teach basic Hindi which is optional for students. Students who are interested shall be taken for exams.

Arivuchudar values each and every kid. We celebrate our school kid’s Birthdays not only to make them happy but also to remind them technically that they are completing a revolution around the sun every 365 days.

Birthday Celebrations

Special Events

Arivuchudar organises special events throughtout the year like leaders birthday, International and National days and also local events. It’s Important to highlight these events to our kids, so that they shall understand their social values.

Educational Tour is a vital part of education where students not only enjoy their learning but also quickly understand the role of education. Experience and knowledge gained in an educational tour will not be forgotten in their entire life.

Educational Tour